Remembering 9/11 | Freedom is Not Free

Image of Twin Towers burning on 9/11What were you doing on September 11, 2001?

Today, I don’t want to add any commentary to the noise surrounding the tragic day–but I wanted to briefly express my condolences to the families who lost loved ones 10 years ago. May you find peace amidst the horrible tragedy of terror filling our skies and taking the lives of thousands of innocents.

To those who simply boarded an airplane, went to work, or attended a meeting inside the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, you will not be forgotten. A seemingly ordinary day turned into a nightmare. To all the firefighters, police officers, rescue workers, and others who voluntarily gave of their lives for those trapped inside: we are humbled by your sacrifice. Today we remember your refusal to submit to terror coupled with courage in the face of tragedy and fear. We are forever grateful.

Today, may each of us express gratitude to those who fight to keep our country safe and remember “Freedom is not free”.

Image of Memorial pool with all the names of the deceased from 9/11

Memorial Pool at Ground Zero

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2 Responses to “Remembering 9/11 | Freedom is Not Free”
  1. Melissa Harper says:

    Great post, Ruth. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”

  2. Ashley says:

    I was in the sleeping dorm of KD. My roommate happened to sleep in the bunk directly across from me and I remember her getting a phone call, jumping out of her bed and running to our room – so I followed. And that’s when I saw the towers…

    Such a terrible day. They didnt even cancel classes.

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