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Michael and I have been married 4 months! Since June 4, we have attended four weddings (three in Atlanta). It’s been fun to be on the other side and remember the nervousness of ‘right before I walked down the isle” to the exhilaration of being introduced the first time as “Mr. and Mrs.” to the I-hope-I-don’t-faceplant feeling of the first dance, and the incomparable joy of everything the day encompasses. Marriage is such a gift! Congratulations to all our friends who’ve tied the knot this summer.

Image of Palmer and IPalmer is a good friend from college and she married another Vandy boy, Joseph Williams. Michael and I have no good pictures from this evening…because we mistakenly asked an old man to take a picture of us and he cut off Michael’s head. Ha!

Image of Michael and I at Layne's weddingMichael always likes to make an entrance.

This picture was at Layne and Corey’s wedding on July 31st. Layne is one of my friends from my Atlanta small group (read about it here).

On September 17th, my friend Caroline from high school tied the knot with Stephen Brown. Below is a picture of friends from high school. Kitty (pink dress) recently got engaged and plans to get married next September!

Image of HS friends at Caroline's weddingHubs and I. Isn’t he handsome?

Image of Michael and I

Last weekend, we drove to Atlanta again for Brooke and Lane’s wedding. I wrote about it here, but it was amazing to celebrate with them. Michael and I love this journey called marriage and learn more about each other every day. We love watching our friends enter into this stage of life. And if you need someone to help start your wedding dance party, my husband is your guy. Trust me…you don’t want to miss him on the dance floor!

Image of Michael and I at Brooke's wedding

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