Love Runs 5K & Other Things I Love

Love Runs Remote 5K TShirt

Love Runs

Occasionally, I just need to make a list of things I love around the internet. Here goes!

LOVE RUNS Remote 5k

In lieu of presents and parties for her 30th birthday, my friend Ally Vesterfelt is raising $30,000 to build a classroom in Gulu, Uganda with Bob Goff and Restore International. Pretty amazing, right? This Saturday, runners around the country will run a remote 5k and all the money will go to build this classroom. The cost is $35 and includes a “Love Runs” t-shirt we can all wear while we run (inspired of course by Bob Goff’s Bestselling book Love Does). The first three people to register from my blog and email me your receipt get a copy of Love Does. Register here:

What is Love? Video

An elderly couple after 50 years of marriage share their story. Get out the tissues for this video:

Brilliant Design Work Reaches Abused Kids

This might be one of the most genius advertising ideas I’ve seen in a while. This poster gets a secret message to kids across that adults can’t see. Check it out here.


Sarah Virginia Fine Art is a website you absolutely must check out. Sarah Virginia’s mission as an artist is to art is to capture significance by creating permanent impressions of life’s fleeting moments. Oh and she’s my little sister!

Matt Appling wrote this fantastic book called Life After Art It’s all about regaining the creativity we had as children & not being afraid to pursue our creative passions. LOVED IT. Check it out. You’ll love rediscovering you were made to create beauty, not ugliness.

Laughing Really Hard in My Cube:

14 Engagement Photos that Will Make You Happy You’re Single

Dove Campaign Parody: Men, Less Beautiful than They Think

Contact me here if you sign up for the 5K & the first three people get a copy of Love Does!

What have you found around the Internet lately that you love? 

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