He’s Not Intimidated | Excerpt from Real Men Don’t Text

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Michael speaks some great truth here to us women who love to make excuses for the men in our lives. It’s easier to make excuses than to admit that he just doesn’t like you, isn’t it?

Ladies, men are simple, but you have spent centuries trying to understand ­us—​­when our intentions are generally clear.

You make endless excuses for our ­behavior—“He is really busy”; “He is afraid of commitment because of his last relationship”; “He had a hard childhood”; or (my favorite) “He’s intimidated.” No, no, and no.

Many of you struggle to know in your heart that you are worth loving, and Ruthie and I absolutely hate thinking about you tossing and turning, wondering, “Why haven’t I been chosen?” We don’t take your pain lightly.

However, it’s what you do with the hurt that is pivotal. Filling your time with the wrong men or lowering your standards is only contributing to the problem and leading you down a path toward more heartbreak.

Stop responding to his messages, stop asking your friends, and keep reading. These excuses are why you continually attract the wrong man. A man will pursue a woman he likes. And it won’t be through lazy text messages and assumed dates.

If he won’t man up and call you, plan ahead, and actually take you on a date, he may want to hang out with you tonight, but his future doesn’t include you. Cut him loose and save yourself for the man who does want you in his future. Don’t lose hope. There is a good man out there for you.

— Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Real Men Don’t Text. Will you buy your copy today (and send us your receipt at realmendonttext@gmail.com)  and enter to win an iPad mini below? Pretty please?

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7 Responses to “He’s Not Intimidated | Excerpt from Real Men Don’t Text”
  1. Mickey says:

    He’s not intimidated. I agree.

    He’s FED UP!!! He’s sick & tired of being demonized by the man-hating, hostile sisterhood just for being a guy.

  2. Becca says:

    Thank you for the reminder! So much truth.

  3. k says:

    I think you are right on, Deans. I will order your book. I need a reminder to have self respect, and remember to not make excuses for casual treatment. I wish so hard for a relationship that I used to accept any sign of interest as more than what it is and then pursue it with those same excuses. I can be polite and me and show interest, but if he doesnt take the next step then I have to accept that he just isnt that into me- and I decided I want a man that is into me.
    I am sorry Mickey, that you are so angry. We women often are angry and defensive due to many events in our history where men werent responsible. Sometimes it is hard to keep a kind heart after hurts for so long- it is wrong- but that is why i often react poorly before my new self realizes i am behaving poorly.

  4. Laura says:

    Exactly what I needed to be reminded of today! Thank you for sharing this truth & insight from a male perspective. Reading this allowed me to start the day with a renewed perseverance (read: not having another crappy day because he didn’t pursue me) & I read it again tonight for the same reason. I may just read it again tomorrow morning :)

  5. Alex Cockell says:

    Some of us (on the autism spectrum) will work to a default of the inbound “no”… and will take women at face value if there’s noncommittal stuff…

    Please be HONEST!

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