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Michael and I were on talk of the town today and I just had to share the video clip with you.

I (unfortunately) prepared for this interview, in the way, I go about most of my life.

I forgot about it until the day before, panicked when I realized I had nothing to wear, texted friends to ask to borrow something while on my way to mall. I googled “what to wear on TV” from a stoplight and discovered that I would look 15 pounds heavier already, so I need to wear something form fitting and bright-colored. STRESS!

I, of course, found nothing to wear at the mall, but did find (and purchase) six outfits that  would work perfectly for my new job. Oh and a new pair of shoes that also wouldn’t work for TV, but definitely would for a night out. Totally  normal, I later explained to Michael.

I rushed home, started to go for a run, turned around realizing I actually didn’t have time to run more than .4 miles because I had to shower and get dressed for our book signing. We signed books for independent bookstore owners from around the country last night in Murfreesboro. We loved meeting such a wide cast of characters and hearing how our book resonated with people. One man said in a very country accent, “Well, I’m certainly a real men right there because my fingers are too fat to text!” We died.

Then, there was an Indian woman who whispered to me in a stern voice  about paying her $300 to promote my book in Ft. Myers. Weird.

On the way home, I asked Michael to run me by the manicure place because “I can’t be on TV without a manicure”. Normal, right? Michael, in his gracious way, explained that the camera didn’t show fingernails. It hides fingernails but adds 15 pounds? So unfair.

Do you know what first thought crossed my mind when I bolted out of bed on Monday morning? FAKE EYELASHES! I forgot to buy FAKE EYELASHES.

Being a girl is hard.

It took Michael 37 seconds this morning to pick out his attire and he even had time  in those 37 seconds to tell me he wasn’t going to let me a.) powder his nose or b.) tell him not to drink coffee at his office before the interview to avoid ‘coffee teeth’.

Really? I can’t believe some things come out of my mouth.

Enjoy the video! And tell your friends about our book if you can. Also, we’re speaking today at 8:30 in St. Augustine’s Chapel on Vanderbilt campus. Come join us if you can!

much love,

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3 Responses to “Real Men Don’t Text on Channel 5”
  1. Natalie says:

    I just watched it, so cool!!! Ruthie, you look gorgeous on the TV! Indeed hard to see your finger nails, haha I like how you and Michael talk about dating, I’m sure it’ll inspire many single people, including myself! So proud of you!

  2. Liz Swauger says:

    Aww, you both looked awesome! I just finished your book yesterday (in two days!). Loved it :) Thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions in such a transparent and humorous way. I’ve already e-loaned it through Kindle to a friend who’s been messaging me about how much she loves it, too!

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