That time The Deans were on TV

Real Men Don't Text Better Show

Most of the time being a writer is not the least bit glamorous. But on occasion you get to buy fancy clothes and put on bright red lipstick and hop on a plane to New York.

I tell you, it is the absolute strangest feeling to see yourself on TV. It’s similar to hearing your voice on a voicemail for the first time. No, that can’t possibly be how I sound/look/talk . . .

You know in Father of the Bride when he’s about to give Annie away at the alter and he’s freaking out inside thinking, “I have one line. What is it?  ‘Her mother and I?’ Or is it simply ‘I do’? If you watch the first segment of The Better Show, that’s exactly what happened to me at the beginning of the show. I was sitting on that (not comfortable) couch stressing about how to position my legs so the camera didn’t accidentally show up my dress on national TV, and I felt nearly drunk with nervousness I tell you. It was such an out of body experience to be sitting on a “talk show” couch, that I forgot my most simple line, “Thanks for having us.” I couldn’t remember what the proper to thing to say was, so instead I panicked, said nothing, and them murmured, “hopefully”. It went uphill from there, not to worry.

We were on The Better Show in New York and the 700 Club Interactive in Nashville. Enjoy the three clips!

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The Better Show : Clip 1 , Clip 2

Here’s us on the 700 Club Interactive. We take no responsibility for the weird introJ

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    Nice job, guys!

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