God hasn’t forgotten you

God hasn't forgotten you

Michael and I are driving home. Biting rain is hitting the windshield, but we press on. As wind through the mountains of North Carolina, I close my eyes and pray about what to say.

“What do people need to hear, Dad?”

The rain drummed on, but I had my answer.

“Remind them that I haven’t forgotten them.”

I wanted to write about thankfulness and living from a full heart. I longed to talk about the joy that comes from giving our lives away, without fear and without abandon. But the holidays can remind us of what we do not yet have. Another year has passed, and Dad hasn’t answered our heart cries. Are you with me?

I remember spending Thanksgiving in China with people I barely knew and how empty it felt to make small talk with these people I’d never see again. As I rode home in a cab alone that night, I spoke these words out loud:

“I really want to be thankful. But I’m not. I’m so sorry. So many parts of my life feel lacking, less than whole, incomplete.”

And ended the prayer with one of the most important words we can say, “Help.”

The year prior to that November was the darkest valley imaginable. The sun was starting to shine as I climbed out of the valley, but I still wondered about the next part of my story. Would it be good? Would I be alone? Would I ever feel whole?

Had God forgotten me?

Maybe you’re asking these questions right now as you throw clothes into suitcases, tidy up your living space, and prepare to journey home.

When we want a certain life, a certain person, a certain picture of happiness, the hardest part about the wanting is when God gives our “longed-fors” to others but not to us. Some start to think God is punishing them. Others feel slighted, and grow bitter. Some wear a mask, build a wall–anything to not think about the reality.

As I drive home this Thanksgiving, my heart is full and overflowing. But I still remember what it’s like to feel like God has forgotten me. I can tell you in the most eloquent prose that he certainly has an incredible story for you, but I think you need to hear it from Him. He’s a good Dad.

All you need to say is, “Help.”

Have you ever felt like God has forgotten you? Are the holidays hard for you?

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7 Responses to “God hasn’t forgotten you”
  1. Elizabeth M says:

    Beautiful and touching. Ruthie, thank you for allowing God to use your validating words to comfort.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! It is very timely for me. I have been praying/talking to my Father today and wondering what He has in store for me. Hopeful, grateful; yet at the same time feeling that I am not whole. I have asked for what I long for and also for healing in another relationship (family) that has left a big “hole” in my life. I know He works all things for our good and in His timing. Reading this made me feel like this was His way of letting me know He heard me and He is there for me. I am so happy that you are in a wonderful place in your life now. Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. alli says:

    I used to think i needed a whole lot to be happy but when everything is gone im realizing God is all i need. Truly.

  4. Brina Hatake says:

    This is how I felt yesterday thanks to Job client and co-worker difficulty. But I woke up this morning after a night of humble, sad prayer and refused to feel like God had forgotten me or that he was punishing me for letting my flesh and emotions get the better of me. I was crying for help and was reminded of where I’ve been and truly things have been worse. He was my way, my truth and my light then so why not now! Instant Thankfulness and a lot of praises! I believe that this story is him talking to me n saying, That’s right, I haven’t forgotten you!

  5. Olaide says:

    Confirmation . Thank you

  6. Angie says:

    really needed to hear this in the midst of my “man issues” right now that are absolutely agonizing. Never been asked out, not once, by a Christian man but this one guy I got caught up with years ago (not really a Christian) keeps popping back into my life and pulling on my heartstrings. :( Its so hard when no one else is asking…

    • Steven says:


      Stay strong! I’ve been in that situation, but reverse (being a male). I’ve asked many Christian girls out and been turned down. However, the one that kept coming back after we went out was the girl who was not a Christian. It can be so tempting to settle when your “ideal” just isn’t appreciating you. I take the situation as a physical promise with the devil vying with God. I can settle for a relationship that is less than ideal and have temporary solace or I can wait out the fight and see who God has waiting in the wings for me. For me, its the proof that their IS someone out there for me that God has since the devil seems so bent on trying to make me settle for a spiritually dead-end relationship. Praying for you and please pray for me!


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