Anxiety, sleepless nights, & the illusion of control


I am writing this blog post at four am on Sunday morning. I was awakened by thoughts of tasks undone and the unknown future. After hours of trying to go back to sleep and thinking about how tired I’m going to be all day, I stopped fighting it. I sit in my dark living room, writing, because that’s […]

What do you really want?

girl with a map

What do you really want? It is a husband? A job? A group of friends? A healthy baby? A certain life path? It’s a simple question, but one I think we avoid asking because we’re afraid of speaking aloud the answer. Because when we don’t want anything, then we can’t get our hopes up, which in […]

On empathy

holding hands

I was harboring a secret, until I couldn’t anymore. I told a friend my story in the bathroom of a pub of sorts. It was 2008 and we’d just watched Obama win the election. I didn’t know how she’d react. My mouth stuck together as I rambled on; I needed Chapstick. I wanted to be […]

What’s the wise thing to do? #AskIt

ask it andy stanley

When I was in college, I (like many of my friends) read magazines, took diet pills, and skipped meals. Not a huge deal in the scheme of bad habits. But after several years of reading Cosmo and Self, taking diet pills, and trying to skip meals, I realized I wasn’t headed to a place where […]

I sinned yesterday

light and dark

I’ve received several emails after talking about drinking too much on New Year’s Eve. Many people wanted to know why I put myself in that situation and why I admitted being hungover. Let me start by saying, that writing that post was difficult. In fact, I fought writing the post all day and woke up […]

Change the Story


6th grade for me was discovering that I was a ‘late bloomer’, that a lack of athletic talent could be remedied by hard work, that I shouldn’t walk in front of certain boys who liked to pop bra straps, and that decorating your locker and having friends to eat lunch with were what determined “cool”. […]

Morality, the American Dream, & the Life You’ve Always Wanted

American dream

It’s ok to have multiple sexual partners as long as you’re using protection. It’s ok to lie to your boss as long as it’s good for your long-term career. It’s her problem if she gets attached, just have fun. It’s your body, do whatever you want with it. You’re committed so what the Bible says […]

God hasn’t forgotten you

God hasn't forgotten you

Michael and I are driving home. Biting rain is hitting the windshield, but we press on. As wind through the mountains of North Carolina, I close my eyes and pray about what to say. “What do people need to hear, Dad?” The rain drummed on, but I had my answer. “Remind them that I haven’t […]

You’re Not Important


  Michael and I bought our first house in our favorite part of town. This summer has been a flurry of unpacking boxes, scouring flea markets and dusty antique shops, refinishing old furniture, and sitting on our front porch dreaming—sometimes about our writing, but mostly about tiny footsteps in our house. The other day, my […]

Your Story Must Be Told


“I can’t share my story.” “No one cares what I have to say.” “I’m under qualified.” “I’m too busy.” “It’s too late for me.” Are these excuses keeping you from telling your story? You have a story to tell. We all do. Whether it’s through sentences on a page, a song, a painting, a speech […]