Morality, the American Dream, & the Life You’ve Always Wanted

American dream

It’s ok to have multiple sexual partners as long as you’re using protection. It’s ok to lie to your boss as long as it’s good for your long-term career. It’s her problem if she gets attached, just have fun. It’s your body, do whatever you want with it. You’re committed so what the Bible says […]

A Letter to Sexy-Instagram Posters

sexy selfie

  (This letter is in response to this controversial letter to a teenage girl from a mom who blocks sexy-posters her from her sons’ social media feeds. Dear Sexy-Instagram Poster, I see you. That feels like a good place to start. I see how you long to be beautiful, to be told you are beautiful. […]

Sex Ed and the City

Text Message

“What should you say to a guy if he says: ‘I don’t like wearing a condom’? Text your reply.” The text was just one of many that popped up on my screen in what felt like the most unfortunate times—including at church on Easter Sunday—as I clutched my screen hoping those nearby couldn’t see the […]

‘Modest is Hottest’ & Other Christian Phrases Needing #Elimination

Modest is Hottest

Thank you to everyone who complimented and shared our cover. If you missed the cover for Real Men Don’t Text on Tuesday, check it out! Will you help us spread the word, too? Ok. This post is a tad cynical, but I must say us Christians have a way of using phrases that a.) no […]

Your Body is Not the Problem

Girl Hiding

“Those high-school girls . . . they dress so slutty,” she said and then casually chuckled and added, “It’s a battlefield for men out there.” My entire body felt tingly and hot, as I sat quietly. I didn’t quite know why her words prompted such a strong response inside me, but I excused myself to […]