How Do I know if He’s the One?


How do you know if the guy you’re dating is ‘the One’? Will you “just know”? The scary part about marriage is most people make this decision of gargantuan proportion in love, which by definition means your mind is hazy from all the 3am make-outs and sheer thrill thinking no one has ever loved like […]

Stop Waiting for Him to Ask You Out

Girl Starring Out Window

In college, I waited—like I thought every good Christian girl was supposed to. The Christian rhetoric of “men initiate, women respond” gridlocked my heart into eleven months of waiting. As the story often goes, I really liked this great guy. Our relationship escalated from group hangouts, to study breaks and late-night runs, and from there […]

9 Steps to a Happier Relationship

couple in a boat

“Marriage is just THE BEST. Why didn’t I do this sooner?” “Nothing about our relationship is easy. It’s become like pulling teeth to get him to engage with me.” I talked to two friends over the weekend and took note of their very different feelings about marriage. I’m always wary to write about marriage, because […]

Why Women Text Back

Women Texting Back

I’m thrilled with today’s post because I love the message & it’s from a good friend. Andrea Lucado is a book publicist by day and a freelance writer by night. She’s written for Collegiate magazine, Christianity Today and other print and online publications. She would love to be meet you via Twitter, @andrealucado, or hear […]

How do I Let a Man Know I’m Interested?

couple flirting

I was given an assignment by my sweet wife: a blog post. I figure she does two a week, I could manage to pull one together for this week. After our book announcement we received many questions from you, but the ones that stick out the most was “How do I get a man to […]

10 Reasons He’s Not Calling You

Waiting by the Phone

  What could possibly have gone wrong? I wondered, pondered, prayed, and even once yelled hoping my empty apartment would provide an answer. The date was perfect from my opinion, he even said he ‘couldn’t wait to see me again”. The first few days after the date, I entered an intense period of self-examination. The kind of […]

When You Marry the Wrong Guy

Vanderbilt/UT Game

On Saturday at the Vandy/UT game, I got in a fight, well not a fist fight, more like a verbal confrontation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to punch the guy, but I did get to give him a piece of my mind. I’m still heated just thinking about it. My amazing father-in-law came in town and […]

We’re Going to be Authors!!! | A Video Message

Real Men Don't Text Video

Michael and I are going to be authors! Real, published, coffee-addicted, “have you read my book?” authors. Can you believe it? Last February, Michael whisked me away to a chic hotel in downtown Nashville for what he called “a writing retreat”. We spent two days dreaming up what it would look like to write a […]

Are you Oversharing?


Ok, if you’re rolling your eyes, I don’t blame you. This post should probably not be written by a blogger. For we are, by definition, complete oversharers. So what do I know?! I’m still an oversharer when it comes to friends (sorry, to all of you who learned more than you wanted to about me […]

How to Keep a Guy in 10 Ways

Image of Modern Family Phil and Claire

You will not believe how many of these ways I didn’t learn until after marriage. Like, for example, saying exactly what I meant and asking for what I wanted–instead of hoping Michael would magically read my mind. He’s not going to imagine that I want him to help me clean the house, unless I ask […]