a furious love


The sky turned black within seconds. We sat perched by the doorway of a muggy noodle shack, watching the tanned Asian faces stir the big steaming pots that rested on the floor. The storm was coming, my friend, “Small Moon”, told me and we weren’t going to make it home before it hit. So we continued […]

We’re All Sinking | The Real Message of Grace

Michael and Ruthie at the beach

Michael and I went to the  beach with my family and had the best time! My cousin has a new little baby and he is just the sweetest little guy. The beach always reminds me of God’s goodness and grace–and I try to remember every time I see the ocean just how far He’s carried […]

How do you call yourself a Christian?


If they knew my inadequacies, struggles with sin, and who I really am— Oh they’d never love me. In college, I was riddled with fear over people finding out ‘the real me’.  At times, I still am. I wear masks of self-sufficiency and carefree elation. I want everyone to know that I’m a sinner, but […]