a belated mercy

Hospital Waiting Room

There’s nothing quite like waiting at the hospital. The hurried nurses, the minutes that feel like hours, the sleeping loved ones slumped over in patterned chairs. The feeling of not knowing the outcome, the frenzied prayers, the walks down the hall to pass the time, the smells, the anxiety–all vaguely familiar, yet dreadful. Last week, […]

Why Don’t You Listen? | Questions We Ask God

Looking to Heaven

When I was twenty, I spent months praying one request repetitively, “God, if we are not mean to be, I pray you make him not ask me on any more dates. If he isn’t supposed to be my husband, I don’t want to move forward. Make it clear, please?” As a girl who was devastated […]

We Will Run Again | #PrayforBoston

Boston Bombings Photo

  It’s been one heck of a week. From seeing the news of Boston all over Twitter on Monday, to checking to make sure my friends running were alive, to asking the questions we all did, and then later shuttering with the words ‘terrorism’ and ‘brothers’.  Seeing people who showed up for an iconic event […]

An Open Letter to Rick Warren

Rick Warren

Dear Mr. Warren, I cried when I heard the news. Your son was my age. Just twenty-seven. He had such a full life ahead of him—tragically severed by his own hand. I can’t imagine what you and your family are feeling. Is it hard to breath? Is it hard not to think that life is […]

Is God Enough?


Have you ever felt like God just wasn’t enough? That His presence couldn’t solve your problems, nor assuage your deepest fears? I received an email from a reader and, with her permission, here is a portion of her question: “You mentioned in a few of your posts that you have seen a counselor.  Given your […]

Your Body is Not the Problem

Girl Hiding

“Those high-school girls . . . they dress so slutty,” she said and then casually chuckled and added, “It’s a battlefield for men out there.” My entire body felt tingly and hot, as I sat quietly. I didn’t quite know why her words prompted such a strong response inside me, but I excused myself to […]

40 and Single | One Man’s Story

Chinese character for love

Today we have a guest post from my friend, John Gunter. John loves his life in Asia, but misses his family, friends, church, baseball, and bar-b-que (in that order) immensely.  He enjoys scuba diving when the time and location permits. John blogs at http://johngunter.net. As we walked through a park in an unfamiliar city, it was a clear day.  She jumped right […]

Learning to Celebrate


“The slight turn of seasons reminds me of last fall, and it strikes me that my life has changed almost beyond recognition since then. In the process of breaking my heart, life or God or something — not that I don’t believe God moves in these ways, I just don’t want to immediately blame Him […]

What is Your “Calling”?

Image from my Journal

  I arrived home and ran over to the table, seeing my new shipment of books had arrived. Andy Stanley’s newest book, Deep and Wide, was inside the package. I started reading. By chapter two, I was crying. We’ll save that story for another blog post—it’s a hard back story to tell and when I write […]

Was God Rolling His Eyes at Me?

Woman with Words

“How dare you call yourself a missionary. You’re disgraceful,” she said and slammed the door. My eyes brimmed with tears. In the heat of the moment, I had said some terrible things I didn’t mean. As soon as my rampage was over, I felt an enormous flood of guilt. What is wrong with me? What […]