The Illusive Armchair of Happiness

Image of beautiful mountains

  We all have longings. Dreams and goals that keep us pushing forward, staying up late at night, and striving for more. Everyone one of us wants something better than what we have and who we are right now. But have you ever achieved or received exactly what you’ve always wanted—only to wake up the […]

From Prisoner to Novelist {A Book Giveaway}

The Reason by William Sirls Cover Image

Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day. Michael and I celebrated his dad’s 60th birthday and the best part was hearing all the stories from people of ways he’d impacted them. We love you Mike Dean! Today, The Reason is available everywhere books are sold. I’m doing something special with this book. I want to […]

I’ll See You Again | A Salvation Story


When I first met her in China, she was quietly studying on a bench at the local college campus. Her dark skin glistened even in the shade of the tree. As I walked over to her, I found myself wondering if she stepped off the pages of National Geographic. Occasionally, people come into our lives […]

“Do You Have a Boyfriend?” | A Guest Post

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Today’s post will resonate with many of my single readers. How often do people ask about your relational status and make you feel like that is the entirety of who you are? I’m thrilled Krista wrote in with this guest post today. Bio: Krista McKinney is a Nashville native currently living in Texas. Her newest […]

Do you really think you’re that important?

barefoot girl

7:45 on Sunday morning always came early. One summer morning, I was driving down Peachtree and noticed a woman stumbling along the side of the road clearly in the clothes she’d worn the night before and most likely still intoxicated. I drove by her and circled back to see if she needed a ride. She […]

Healing after Abortion | A Guest Post from Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae

Today’s post is from Sarah Mae. I read her story of abortion and contacted her because (as you will see) it is one of those stories that I just had to share you. I cry every time I get to the end. God always always redeems–no matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been. Sarah […]

Are You Ignoring God?

Image of Ignoring Spouse

“My husband and I often goes days without speaking. The silence of our house is. . .devastating at times.” I overheard a woman telling a friend at a party. “I don’t even see how you could call what we have a marriage.” I continued to eavesdrop and learned she was thinking about divorce. No matter […]

You’re Going to be O.K.


My emotions grabbed my heart. I sobbed uncontrollably. Hiding in a dark office, the feelings were all too familiar. The unanswered questions about Michael’s health left me ridden with anxiety and fear. The mile high medical bills seemed to remind me at every turn of my inadequacy. The uncertainty of the future turned my focus […]

God is a good Dad


“There are several concerning areas of inflammation on both the brain stem and the spinal cord.” The room started to spin. Dr. Lee continued, but his words fell on deaf ears. All I could hear was something was wrong with my husband. Seriously wrong. I tried to muffle my tears/snot/sobbing so he could finish…. “Do […]

E.R. Visits & Companions for Life

Last Tuesday started off like most Tuesdays do. Michael slept in after his late night drive back from Atlanta; I worked out in the morning and headed off to work around 7:45. The weather was beautiful and sunshine filled my heart. But at 2:00, Michael called and said he was headed to the ER. He […]