God Isn’t Punishing You

“I’m not married because God is punishing me for my past.”                                     I’ve heard many friends express this sentiment over the years. The belief is whatever they did in the past, especially sexually, is causing God to ‘hold out’ on them and punish them for their wrongdoing. And I’ve been there, too. If you believe there is […]

“…God? I’m still not married.” | A Guest Post from my husband

Faithful blog readers — after your feedback from “Its Time for a Breakup“, my husband, Michael, wanted to write in from a guys perspective of waiting for the right one. Michael Writes… I’ve been thinking about marriage since I was in the 4th grade. By the age of 17, I was STILL NOT MARRIED and […]

It’s Time For a Breakup

“You’re dating him…really?” We’ve all seen it and a lot of us have been there. We’re strong. We’re single. We aren’t settling. And then, something happens. We get desperate and start dating or ‘hanging out with’ with that guy. I read through an old journal of mine from 2004 (Freshman year of college) and came […]

Love Sex & Dating | Am I crazy for waiting until marriage?

Writing about this topic may in fact be presumptuous – but just want to give a shout out to Andy for delivering another unpopular “wait ‘til your married and don’t look at porn” sermon. The Bible tells us to wait until marriage to have sex. Is this… Outdated? Crazy? Unrealistic? …Shouldn’t we try on the […]

Questioning God’s Blessings

I have an interview tomorrow for my D-R-E-A-M  job. Thomas Nelson–the largest Christian publishing company in the world and the 7th largest trade publishing company-will interview me for a position in the fiction department in 31 hours. Am I nervous? Anxious? Both to the nth degree. In effort to fully equip myself for the interview, I […]