Obama is tackling sexual violence—and he gets it

Its on us

“Our society does not sufficiently value women. We still don’t condemn sexual assault as loudly as we should.” Obama announced a public service campaign, called “Its On Us” to stop sexual violence on college campuses. This campaign will target both men and women, but will particularly focus on men. As stated by the New York Times, […]

Real Men Wait for Sex | Excerpt from Real Men Don’t Text

Man in Car, Manly Man

  Today’s excerpt is from one of Michael’s chapters, Real Men Wait for Sex, in Real Men Don’t Text: I wish I could talk to the guy in your life and figure out his intentions, but an even clearer way to discern if he really likes you is ­to—​­take a deep ­breath—​­take sex off the […]

Men, We Need You | Thoughts on the Vanderbilt Rape Investigation

Group of Men

After catching word of the recent Vanderbilt sex scandal in which four football players were dismissed for alleged sex crimes, I tuned in horror hoping, praying the team I’ve always supported wasn’t really involved. The names of the players were just released and the investigation is ongoing. Recent news quotes former Volunteers quarterback Erik Ainge […]

Premarital Sex or Divorce? | Ask Ruthie

Two Choices

“I know in the Bible it says to wait until you are married to have sex. But a friend and her husband waited and when they were married they realized they had NO sexual chemistry and it was “miserable.” They were both so mad at God for letting that happen after they honored Him and […]

Surfing for God | A Book Giveaway!

Surfing for God

Today, Michael is guest posting about one of his new favorite books and we’re giving copies away! All you have to do is share this post on Facebook or Twitter (make sure you tag me, so I can see you shared) for a chance to win a copy. What if a lust for porn were […]

A Letter to a High School Girl

Girl sitting on bed

Dear High School Girl, You don’t know me, but I know you. It was nine years ago that I too grappled with the decisions you are facing: Boys. Sex. How far is too far? Should God get a say in what you do with your body? Will the decisions you make about boys and sex […]

Real Women Don’t Text Back: How Women Fuel the Man-Boy Problem

This post was originally featured on the Christianity Today Women’s Blog–Her.meneutics. I am reposting today for those of you who missed it and because I spent all weekend in Gatlinburg for a surprise birthday weekend for my friend Ashley. SO MUCH FUN! Leave your comments below. “Wanna grab a burrito 2nite?” The melody of the Atlanta […]

Never Have I Ever : Uncovering Promiscuity


We sat in a circle of 200 college women and played “Never Have I Ever”. It was our sorority pledge retreat back in college. Never have I ever lied and told a guy I was a virgin! Never have I ever only had sex drunk! Never have I ever hooked up with two guys in […]