On loneliness and love


  I rushed home after work to exercise before it was time to cook dinner. On my walk, I talked to a friend and the conversation shifted to loneliness and how it feels when friends and lists are not filling up our time, leaving us ragged. It seems everyone is too busy, too tired, too maxed out–but […]

You’re Not Important


  Michael and I bought our first house in our favorite part of town. This summer has been a flurry of unpacking boxes, scouring flea markets and dusty antique shops, refinishing old furniture, and sitting on our front porch dreaming—sometimes about our writing, but mostly about tiny footsteps in our house. The other day, my […]

Are You Paying Attention?

On Saturday night, Michael (being the amazing husband he is) ran out to pick up dinner. Mexican—exactly what I was craving. Burritos in tow, he walked out of Moe’s and noticed a man leaning over a woman’s car talking to her. He sensed something amiss and walked over. “Hey…Is there a problem?” “Yea man. My […]