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Real Men Don't Text

Real Men Don’t Text is just $2.99 on the Kindle today! This is a HUGE deal. Will you share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? I’m not sure how long this will last, but we’d be incredibly grateful if you helped us get the word out. Tweets: #RealMenDon’tText is just $2.99 today! Don’t miss this […]

Are You Wearing Text Goggles?


As a millennial, I understand the appeal of the text message. It’s easy, convenient, non-threatening, and can be ignored. I have texted guys to suggest a hang out when I hadn’t heard from them in a while; I have received tweets, texts, and emails from men for last-minute ‘dates’ that never seemed to work out […]

Ambiguous Texts Don’t Have to Define Your Love Life


Today’s post is from Michael Dean. For more on this topic, read Real Men Don’t Text. A USA Today study recently revealed how texting has quite literally blown up the dating culture. About a third of singles think it’s “less intimidating” to ask someone out over text, 78% of singles expect to text back and forth […]

Real Men Don’t Text on Channel 5

Real Men Dont Text talk of the town nashville | Nashville News, Weather Michael and I were on talk of the town today and I just had to share the video clip with you. I (unfortunately) prepared for this interview, in the way, I go about most of my life. I forgot about it until the day before, panicked when I realized I […]

You are Worth Loving

you are accepted

Your friends are probably like mine in that they combat rejection with sayings like “You deserve better”; “You’re too good for him!”; “He’s crazy not to like ­you”—​­right? But rejection often makes us feel the ­opposite—​­like we are unworthy of love and will never be good enough for a man. Because if you have never […]

Your Love Isn’t Changing Him | Excerpt from Real Men Don’t Text

how you date and who you date matters. no exceptions

In high school, I went to a party, and the guys standing outside made us spin around to make sure we “qualified” to come in. Was being “hot” enough to get into a party what it felt like to be loved? Was the guy who showered me with attention all night and asked me to […]

Will you join our launch team?

Real Men Don't Text Launch Team

Calling all bloggers, Real Men Don’t Text fanatics, people with influence, and the like: we need your help! Even the best books won’t sell without the help of a people like you. If you are interested in helping us spread the word about Real Men Don’t Text and getting in on some freebies, please fill […]

“Miss You Baby” | Excerpt from Real Men Don’t Text

USA TODAY Texting has blown up the dating culture

  Hi Friends! Michael and I were thrilled because USA Today ran an article about texting on the front page and our book was mentioned. Here’s a link to the story online. I may or may not have 11 copies of Friday’s paper. Also, our book will be in stores in six weeks. I’m so honored to […]

Win an iPad Mini!

Real Men Don't Text IPad Mini Giveaway

The time has come for you to order your copy of Real Men Don’t Text! In just seven short weeks, our baby will be in stores. I cannot tell you how much your support of this book has meant over the past year. Preorder sales are critical to the success of this book–will you help […]

Texting Gone Wrong | Will You Share Your Story?

How We Met Story

Here’s your chance to be featured in Real Men Don’t Text. Michael and I are nearly done with the first draft of our manuscript(!!), but we feel it is lacking one essential element: YOU. Will you share your ‘Texting Gone Wrong’ story with us for the chance to be included in the book? We’re looking […]