Weary Vessels


“We are officially wiped . . . but God has never been intimidated by our weakness, rather He relishes in the opportunity to breathe through weary vessels. And, as though there was ever any question, it is clear that anything of power that was left behind is of God and not of man.”—Louie Giglio Michael […]

Beautiful Portraits of Myself

Woman Painting

Last Tuesday, I had not one, not two, but three hard conversations. They were all unrelated, but I would have been foolish to think it was by a mere coincidence. The details are unimportant, but what is important is I was confronted by friends about various ways I had hurt them. I crawled in bed […]

“Big Face” & Following Jesus | A Guest Post from Natalie Han

Today’s post is from my dear friend Natalie. She currently works as a post-doctorate at Stanford University in the radiology department. She happens to be the smartest person I know (and I know a lot of smart people) and I had the privilege of wading through her intellectual arguments against God and introducing her to […]