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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Did I mention I got my dream job?

I WORK IN A PUBLISHING HOUSE! In my post Questioning God’s Blessings, I talked about my thoughts and feelings towards God as I was waiting for Thomas Nelson to make their decision.

It was hard to put my finger on, but I had this view of God that he “owed me” this job. After all, I’d been a missionary and been WAITING around forever for Him to lead me in the right direction after returning home. I reflected on what I’d been through over the past 2 years and thoughts crept in like, “isn’t it time for something good? aren’t you going to bless me?”

However, I quickly realized my sinful attitude. GOD DOESN’T OWE ME ANYTHING. NOTHING. But He has already GIVEN me EVERYTHING.

He sent His Son to die for me, that I might not spend eternity in hell. Now, if that’s not EVERYTHING, I don’t know what is?!

But how easy is it to focus on our circumstances and start to QUESTION God’s blessings or love for us. Very, very easy. Because we live in the world and see pain and suffering and evil that seemingly contradicts the plans of a merciful, loving God.

But I got my dream job! I was scared to death to follow God to this place…because what if He didn’t come through? I’d look like an idiot (after all I even wrote a blog post about it). My lack of prior experience and my failures crept into my brain and all I could think was “why in the world would they hire me? Uhhmm, are you sure you have the right person?” (I asked the identical question when God called me to move to China.)

A few months back, a pastor asked a question that gave me the courage to pursue what I knew God was calling me to here at Thomas Nelson:

What would you do for God if you KNEW you could not fail?

…more on this tomorrow. My messy desk and stacks of books are calling:) How wonderful to work in an office in a company whose mission statement is to “inspire the world”.

I can breath easy now, knowing I am exactly where God wants me.

And the view is extraordinary.


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