When Mockingbirds Sing | Summer Reading Giveaway

When Mockingbirds Sing

Hi Friends! Since I know many of you will be traveling this summer and perhaps find yourself in need of a stunning novel, I’m giving away three copies of one of my new favorites When Mockingbirds Sing. I could tell you about how wonderful this novel is, but how would you like to watch the […]

Open the Door | My Thoughts on Bread & Wine

Bread and Wine Cover

  I did something brave this year that honestly felt more courageous, more gutsy than writing any blog post or book, or even spilling my life-story in front of college students. My gutsy act? I invited people over for dinner. I read in Bread & Wine (a wonderful book that you just have to read) […]

Brennan Manning, Your Words Changed My Life

The Ragamuffin Gospel

God still loves me? Even after all I’ve done? I held a book with the words The Ragamuffin Gospel printed across the front. That truth that God still loved me wrecked me in college. Growing up in the South, I’d heard about God’s love from my parents, from pastors, on street corners, and even in carpool and on my soccer team. […]

Is God like the Men who Have Hurt Me?


  “How have the men in your life treated you? What did they expect of you? If you were beaten, raped, or abused then you probably loath God. If you were manipulated or cheated on by men, then you probably think God has the same agenda, that he’s only interested in what He can get […]

Book Giveaway! The 5 Money Personalities


When Michael and I came home from our glorious honeymoon, we were awakened into the world of joint checking accounts. At first, it was hard to navigate how to spend money. Is it ok if I get Starbucks with friends? How will he respond when I pick up some shoes at the mall? Michael didn’t […]

A Race through Wine Country

Wine Country

“My goal is not to win the race, rank the highest, push the hardest, or stay up the latest.” I told my friend, almost regretting the words. We live in a culture where the busiest person wins, where if you want to accomplish your dreams, you need to squeeze in your passion between working 50 […]

Surfing for God | A Book Giveaway!

Surfing for God

Today, Michael is guest posting about one of his new favorite books and we’re giving copies away! All you have to do is share this post on Facebook or Twitter (make sure you tag me, so I can see you shared) for a chance to win a copy. What if a lust for porn were […]

Recommended Reading On Life, Marriage, and Christian Living

Several people have asked me to recommend books so I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the best books I read in 2011. Also, since I work in a publishing house and hate to see the bookstores closing down-I’d like you to read more! In 2012, I have challenged myself to […]

The Most Important Way A Wife Can Love Her Husband

“Can you please tell me how hard I’ve been working?” Michael said, with a smile on his face. “Of course you’ve been working hard. I tell you I love you every day when you come home…and cook for you” I replied, a little confused why my words weren’t translating as love. Then I remembered. Before […]

A Stolen Life | A Story of Rescue and Life After Tragedy

A Stolen Life is the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard, victim of child abduction, rape, and imprisonment for 18 years before she is reunited with her family. (The one imprisioned in the backyard…remember?) To watch the full story with Diane Sawyer click here. This was hands-down the hardest book I have ever read. Why would anyone continue reading something about […]