Chickens or Eagles? | On Choosing Friends


When I was a freshman in college, I drank. A lot. I started the weekend on Wednesday with a classy game of beer-pong. On Thursday, I usually went downtown with my fake ID. Fridays and Saturdays were reserved for date parties, fraternity hopping, and my ‘sexiest outfits’. And then, my life came unraveled. But that’s […]

Love Where It Hurts

Hard Emails

“This is one of the hardest emails I have ever written…I am swallowing my pride and facing my fears. I am asking for help.” Her email immediately caught my attention. Opening it, I discovered my dear friend Leslie was at the end of herself and was desperate for something, anything, to change. In one of […]

The Danger and Beauty of Friendship

image of ruthie and natalie

“If you say that one more time, I’m going to be angry,” she said, and seemed to grip the steering wheel a little tighter. “Say what?” I asked and she reminded me of a very important part of Chinese culture that slipped my mind. Saying, “thank you”, especially repeatedly, is basically like saying, “I know […]