2 Years, My Love

You carried my backpack for miles on this hike in the Alps (such a servant).

Dearest Husband, It was just two short years ago that we said “I do” under the birch trees in your parent’s backyard. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? These past two years have been so full of joy. My heart overflows just thinking about how lucky I am to be your wife; to laugh our […]

Open the Door | My Thoughts on Bread & Wine

Bread and Wine Cover

  I did something brave this year that honestly felt more courageous, more gutsy than writing any blog post or book, or even spilling my life-story in front of college students. My gutsy act? I invited people over for dinner. I read in Bread & Wine (a wonderful book that you just have to read) […]

Merry Christmas!

Love on Christmas

On this busy Christmas Eve, may you take a moment today to rejoice in the birth of Our Savior. Nothing in all the world — not death, not sorrow, bad relationships, nor horrible mistakes — can separate us from His love. When we were helpless, Jesus came to earth for us. What a glorious Savior! […]


Image of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride

I am pregnant?! My muddled thoughts came screeching to this conclusion. The morning sickness, the “weight gain”, the craving for sweets—I’m definitely pregnant. Enter panic from stage left. You know in Runaway Bride when she’s about to actually make it down the isle, starts to panic, and her best friend gives her a brown paper bag […]

Laughter Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Michael and Ruthie

With one year of marriage under our belts, Michael and I are far from pros. We are still stumbling our way towards deeper love and by no means have all the answers. However, we do know if there is anything that draws us closer and feeds our soul it is laughter. We celebrated our one year wedding […]

But First, Coffee | On Growing a Marriage


  “Really?” I spouted out the bathroom door, glad Michael couldn’t see my rolling eyes. “Sweetheart. It’s just something I want to discuss.” Michael replied in his usual level-headed manner. “I can’t. . .I won’t. . .uhh, can we just talk about this later?” I almost couldn’t get the words out because of the building […]

E.R. Visits & Companions for Life

Last Tuesday started off like most Tuesdays do. Michael slept in after his late night drive back from Atlanta; I worked out in the morning and headed off to work around 7:45. The weather was beautiful and sunshine filled my heart. But at 2:00, Michael called and said he was headed to the ER. He […]

Thanksgiving | A New Family

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday, but this year I fell in love with an aspect I’d never before appreciated about the holiday: family time simply centered around slowing down from the busyness of life to be together. I clearly married into the right family, because at 7:30 on Thanksgiving morning we were all […]

The Most Important Way A Wife Can Love Her Husband

“Can you please tell me how hard I’ve been working?” Michael said, with a smile on his face. “Of course you’ve been working hard. I tell you I love you every day when you come home…and cook for you” I replied, a little confused why my words weren’t translating as love. Then I remembered. Before […]

Life As A Mrs. | Lately…


Michael and I have been married 4 months! Since June 4, we have attended four weddings (three in Atlanta). It’s been fun to be on the other side and remember the nervousness of ‘right before I walked down the isle” to the exhilaration of being introduced the first time as “Mr. and Mrs.” to the […]