What great husbands are made of

Today is my third wedding anniversary. I vividly remember walking down the aisle towards Michael, thinking, “I can’t believe he chose me. I can’t believe he chose me”. I felt unworthy of such a great man. I didn’t have the faintest notion of what the future held as no one does, but I wasn’t worried. I […]

Marriage: a dance of fragile hearts

Michael was sitting at the counter when I arrived home, shutting the January chill outside. The news of my friend who was separated from her husband left him downtrodden. Familiarity with divorce statistics doesn’t ever take away the sting of shock when someone close heads down that road. Michael sat at the counter and expressed […]

8 lessons about romance in It’s a Wonderful Life

“George Bailey, I’ll love you ‘til the day I die.” Mary leans over the counter and whispers in George’s ear. Only he doesn’t hear her, because he can’t hear out of his right ear. Mary has her heart set on George from a young age. She sees his strong character up close and personal when […]

His or Hers? Whose career is more important?

couple talking

  It’s a conversation that doesn’t start with asking the question outright. It starts with a job offer, maybe the desire for a new career, talk of graduate school, or any number of life-path defining choices-and suddenly you’re talking around whose career takes precedence without really meaning to. This tension, the push and pull of figuring […]

20 Great Questions to Ask Your Spouse

Husband and Wife

  It’s easy to get in a rut with our spouse and stop moving forward in our relationship. I don’t think you stumble your way into a great marriage. On the contrary, it takes work! Michael and I are constantly working on our communication and learning how to love each other better. It’s funny how […]

Protect Your Marriage at Work

Photo Credit: Creative Commons, tvol

I recently heard on my favorite radio show that the #1 place affairs start is in the workplace. It’s not online, it’s not over text message, and it isn’t at a bar. I think it’s worth paying attention to because of the reality that you spend more waking hours with your colleagues than you do with […]

2 Years, My Love

You carried my backpack for miles on this hike in the Alps (such a servant).

Dearest Husband, It was just two short years ago that we said “I do” under the birch trees in your parent’s backyard. It’s hard to believe isn’t it? These past two years have been so full of joy. My heart overflows just thinking about how lucky I am to be your wife; to laugh our […]

Fool-Proof Your Marriage | What are Your Rules?

bride and groom

I listen to The Bert Show most days on the way to work and last week Bert profiled Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s rules for “fool-proofing’ their marriage. Lambert and Shelton have three rules: 1.) See each other every two weeks (because they are both on the road). 2.) Miranda can check Shelton’s texts (oh […]

9 Steps to a Happier Relationship

couple in a boat

“Marriage is just THE BEST. Why didn’t I do this sooner?” “Nothing about our relationship is easy. It’s become like pulling teeth to get him to engage with me.” I talked to two friends over the weekend and took note of their very different feelings about marriage. I’m always wary to write about marriage, because […]

When You Marry the Wrong Guy

Vanderbilt/UT Game

On Saturday at the Vandy/UT game, I got in a fight, well not a fist fight, more like a verbal confrontation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to punch the guy, but I did get to give him a piece of my mind. I’m still heated just thinking about it. My amazing father-in-law came in town and […]