a furious love


The sky turned black within seconds. We sat perched by the doorway of a muggy noodle shack, watching the tanned Asian faces stir the big steaming pots that rested on the floor. The storm was coming, my friend, “Small Moon”, told me and we weren’t going to make it home before it hit. So we continued […]

Weary Vessels


“We are officially wiped . . . but God has never been intimidated by our weakness, rather He relishes in the opportunity to breathe through weary vessels. And, as though there was ever any question, it is clear that anything of power that was left behind is of God and not of man.”—Louie Giglio Michael […]

“I’m With You”

Dark Street

I called her at 3am. “Hello?” she said sleepily, “Is everything ok?” “Not exactly…could you come get me? I’m outside of towers, in the parking lot.” It wasn’t ten minutes, before Betsy arrived in her pajamas and glasses. She picked me up and took me back to her house, the whole way not asking me […]

The Separation of Church and Hate


It was one of those tough moments where the air feels oppressive and you start to sweat. A good friend sat across from me on my couch, fumbling with her rings. She had just broken the news to me: “I’m getting a divorce”. It felt weighty, even unbelievable. As she sat on my couch and […]

I’ll See You Again | A Salvation Story


When I first met her in China, she was quietly studying on a bench at the local college campus. Her dark skin glistened even in the shade of the tree. As I walked over to her, I found myself wondering if she stepped off the pages of National Geographic. Occasionally, people come into our lives […]

Do you really think you’re that important?

barefoot girl

7:45 on Sunday morning always came early. One summer morning, I was driving down Peachtree and noticed a woman stumbling along the side of the road clearly in the clothes she’d worn the night before and most likely still intoxicated. I drove by her and circled back to see if she needed a ride. She […]

What Now? Part II : Where You Lead, I Will Follow

We boarded a bus with chickens and headed into the unknown. Finny, Xin, Bobo and I were off on a great adventure—to a small town in China that might as well have been the edge of the planet. We armed ourselves with nothing more than prayer God would use us to share the Good News […]

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems | On Learning Generosity

Money and sex-the top reasons couples get divorced. Michael and I returned from our honeymoon at the peak of marital bliss; only to look closely at the fact that our wedding drained both of our savings accounts and we probably couldn’t have chosen a worse time financially to get married. I was admittedly a little […]

Red Light Outreach | Bringing Hope to Chinese Prostitutes

Today’s post is by Shannon Wilson, a co-founder of The Red Light Outreach—a ministry in a major Chinese city to women trapped in prostitution.  I met Shannon when I lived in China and I am good friends with many of the women involved. Today, Shannon shares her story of her first encounter with the rampant […]

Fishing and becoming a “grandma”

Three Grandchildren:)

I love Chinese people {but you probably already knew that}. I love seeing their faces light up when I speak Chinese, them giggle with their hands delicately over their mouths, and how much they love my cakes! In the Bible, Jesus tells us if we follow Him, we will  become “fishers of men”. It’s a […]