Real Men Don’t Text on Channel 5

Real Men Dont Text talk of the town nashville | Nashville News, Weather Michael and I were on talk of the town today and I just had to share the video clip with you. I (unfortunately) prepared for this interview, in the way, I go about most of my life. I forgot about it until the day before, panicked when I realized I […]

Book Michael & Ruthie for Your Event!

Relationship Speakers

Dearest friends, Exciting news! Michael & I would love to come speak at your event this fall. Whether it’s a singles group, college, a church, a retreat, a nonprofit event-we’d love to come. After emails started coming in about us speaking (mainly on college campuses), we prayed and cleared some things out of our schedule […]

Weary Vessels


“We are officially wiped . . . but God has never been intimidated by our weakness, rather He relishes in the opportunity to breathe through weary vessels. And, as though there was ever any question, it is clear that anything of power that was left behind is of God and not of man.”—Louie Giglio Michael […]

Calling all Nashville Singles!

Impact at the Well in Nashville

  I’m so proud of him. My wonderful husband was promoted this summer and is now the Director of Singles Ministry at West End Community Church. We are thrilled with his new role. On one of our Sunday coffee dates, we visited this new coffee shop called The Well and brainstormed  how to make a weekly gathering less […]