Oh baby!

So one of the reasons I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately is I’ve been busy creating new life. Even typing that feels like a dream, ah! Baby Dean will be gracing us with his/her presence in October. Michael and I could not be more thrilled. Being pregnant is certainly not glamorous. I’m convinced I’m […]

Dad knows the way home

Dad with child

How can we get through unbearable pain? I remember thinking, “I will never get over this.” There was no way out. I didn’t care that people told me, “When God closes a door, he opens a window” or any other nice sayings that belonged in threads on a pillow, not something that was actually going to help. […]

Dear Christians defending Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ Magazine has ruffled quite a few feathers. If it wasn’t enough that he discussed race and culture in an offensive way, he went on to compare homosexuality to bestiality. People are angry. Spit-fire comments and debates have filled up my news feeds. I’m sad seeing how the body of Christ […]

fear, dreams, & risking the unknown


An unusually warm day in November nudged me out the door for a run. I planned to run my usual course: down to the park, left turn by my favorite coffee shop, past all the beautiful homes and quaint restaurants and shops on a main street in town, down Music Row on 17th, and then […]

You are Worth Loving

you are accepted

Your friends are probably like mine in that they combat rejection with sayings like “You deserve better”; “You’re too good for him!”; “He’s crazy not to like ­you”—​­right? But rejection often makes us feel the ­opposite—​­like we are unworthy of love and will never be good enough for a man. Because if you have never […]

You’re Invited | Real Men Don’t Text Launch Party

Invitation to Real Men Don't Text Launch party/booksigning

Hi Friends, Wanted to extend an open invitation to each of you for our the Real Men Don’t Text launch party & book signing. If you plan to be in Nashville on September 5th here’s the link to RSVP: http://paperless.ly/1bLLcNV . We would absolutely love to meet and celebrate alongside you! I feel like we should have […]

101 Secrets for Your Twenties


How is everyone’s summer going? Michael & I have moved and somehow June just flew by and here we are on July 8th. I’ve been reading a lot and trying to process and slow down in the midst of what feels like chaos and uncertainty. But I had to check in and remind you that […]

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday! Some exciting things are happening here in Nashville. I must say how appreciative I am of each of you. Just the fact that you care what I have to say means, well, the world. I write mosts of my posts in my pajamas in a 750sq feet house and there is nothing glamorous […]

Real Men Don’t Text Book Cover

Real Men Don't Text Cover

Check out our cover! Real Men Don’t Text will be at a bookstore near you in September. Michael & I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Just a few more weeks until we’re done with edits. I want to squeal in anticipation of not seeing 5am, or sitting in front of a […]

A Word for 2013

Snowy Porch

Every year after the holiday hoopla is over, I spend time reflecting over the last year. This past year was full of rejoicing, but not without periods of fear and confusion. If the last year was characterized by one word, I think it would  be “SEE!” Landing a book deal was definitely the highlight, as […]