Keep Fighting | Lessons from The Biggest Loser

As you may know, Michael and I don’t have a TV in our house because we wanted to start our marriage without the distraction. We both grew up in households where TV was either limited or non-existant.

Even though we don’t have a TV, we do make sure to catch the weekly episode of NBC’s Biggest Loser (on my little computer). We love it! We both enjoy the intense training and often say, “I wish I could have someone train me like that!” etc, etc.

But what I really love about the show is the redemption. If you’ve ever watched a season finale-everyone says some version of the same thing:


Image of Hannah Before and After From BL

My all-time favorite contestant from last season.

The stories are different, but each contestant comes on the show broken. Most, not even realizing they are broken, but it usually only takes a few workouts to get the tears flowing. They use food as a way to cover up or numb pain. I’ve seen contestants with intense tragedy, sickness, abusive & neglectful parents, and injury. And they all start eating and just never stopped.

Until they come on the show.

But this post isn’t about losing weight or overeating. It’s about fighting. Fighting through the pain (we all have it) and not injecting ourselves with food, alcohol, busyness, sex, [insert coping mechanism here] when life gets hard.

Dolvette, one of the trainers, shared his story of growing up without a father and being taken away from his mother at a young age. He was talking to John, one of the contestants (who has already lost over 100 lbs this season) and looked him dead in the face and said :

I know pain, but you have to keep fighting.”

Whether you are in a smooth season or one filled with disappointment & loss-I pray you stand with me and KEEP FIGHTING. For the alternative is to lay down and allow our past to destroy us.

KEEP FIGHTING! I believe in you.

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  1. Amen! I love this – so simple but so powerful.

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