[Life Together] | On Friendship

 ”The Smallettes”. From L to R. Sarah, Sarah, Larissa, Me, Layne, Brooke (the bride), Mandy, Bailey. 

This past weekend, Michael and I went to Atlanta to join in the wedding celebration for our friends, Brooke and Lane. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wooten!

The wedding ceremony took on the front lawn of Rhodes Hall, a large stone mansion on Peachtree street. The first sign of fall swept through the trees signaling the men in the crowd to give their jackets to the ladies beside them. We waited in eager expectation as we watched the immediate family come down the pathway, including our good friend Mandy [Lane is her older brother]. After much anticipation [and shivering], Brooke appeared and stunning doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful she was. The tears in her groom’s eyes at the base of the large stone mansion said it all. He had waited for a woman like her. And now she walked towards him. What a beautiful day.

Three years ago, I came home from living in China for a short break from life overseas—lonely. Desperately needing friends who I could share life with and walk beside. I attended Buckhead Church and joined a ‘small group’, a group of 8-10 people to share life together centered around Jesus. It wasn’t perfect from day 1. Our meetings were a little awkward and I often wondered, “do I fit in with these girls?” We were all different in age, career, personality, amongst others.

We met week after week and shared life together. Laughed [a lot]. Celebrated our differences. Carried each others burdens. Talked and cried about boys. Broke off unhealthy relationships. Challenged each other to live our lives in a God-honoring way. Part of the hard part of keeping groups made up of single twenty-somethings is marriage changes everything. We no longer meet weekly, as many of us are in different stages of life [or live in different cities].  Now, we are celebrating each other’s weddings. I do believe God brought us together for a season, to learn and grow as His daughters together. I feel sad just thinking about living so far away from them in Nashville. I can’t wait to update this post with pictures from Bailey’s, Mandy’s, [English] Sarah’s, Larissa’s, and Sarah [W]‘s weddings. Michael has his eye open for each of you. I love you girls. xoxo

The "Smallettes" at My Wedding 06/04/2011

Andrea was the first to tie the knot! Gorgeous. 07/17/2010

We never had an official "Smallettes" picture taken at Layne’s wedding, but this one sums up Layne perfectly! She takes the cake for the best dancer. ["Teach me how to duggie"

We were created to be in relationship by someone who longs for a relationship with each of us. But it can be hard to find friends-especially in new cities or amidst busy work schedules. Do you have friends in your life you can be honest with? Trust? Do you think living in community is important?

8 thoughts on “[Life Together] | On Friendship

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  2. Ruthie~

    I love this! We have truly been blessed with each other to be in the same place at the same time. Even though we are apart now, we still look out for each other and know that I am here for each of you. Much love and acceptance!


    • Amen, sister! Loving all the wedding celebrations and seeing people fall in love. Remember when that “friend” Corey kept asking you to play tennis?? 🙂 love seeing y’all together.

  3. that was soo sweet ruthie and i often get sad when i think about the old days of seeing everyone every week. sarah and i always talk about how crazy it is how much everything has changed. thank you for making the drive to atlanta and celebrating with us!! love you and michael!

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