Real Men Don’t Text Book Club

Real Men Dont Text

I’ve received several emails from people saying how great Real Men Don’t Text is to talk through as a group. One group even invited me to join them for their last study. How fun!

If you are in a book club, at a college, in a Bible study, a youth leader, a mom in a book club with other moms, will you consider choosing Real Men Don’t Text next?

Here’s the deal. We’ll give you discount pricing of just $10/book if you order more than three copies. If you take a picture of your group with the books and use the  hashtag #RealMenDontText, Michael and I will select 5 groups to Skype into. Fun, right?

Need some convincing that RMDT is right for your group?  Here are some of the reviews on Amazon:

Best. Book. Ever. If you were with me I’d be jumping up and down telling you that you have got to buy this book! Ruthie and Michael have such wonderful insight into this crazy dating world. It helps women understand how and why to set standards for yourself and to stick to them. It also teaches how to weed out the guys who truly aren’t interested in it. It gives many other wonderful insights!  If you are single (as in not married) you need to read this book!” -Cloe

A book every single woman should read. This. Book. Oh my gosh, this book. It was absolutely fantastic. I seriously wish every single girl and woman out there hoping to date and get married could read this book. The advice given within the pages from both perspectives was amazing.” -Jaguar Hero

Not simply a texting guide. The guide goes deep down to your soul. God really intended for me to grab a copy because I was about to repeat the cycle of calling my ex and proposing to fix what we had, when in reality he was taken out of my life for good- I confirmed the standards that my heart always desired and I realized that there is nothing wrong to stick to them and not settle for Mr. Good enough. Thank you Ruthie and Michael, I have opened my eyes! I WILL RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERY FEMALE FRIEND IN MY LIFE… We totally deserve better and Mr.Right is definitely out there looking for us, let’s don`t miss the opportunity.” — Marlen A Baiza

Amazing and uplifting. This is a can’t-put-down companion for any woman who has doubted her worth or her expectations in modern times. Can’t wait to re-read it! Highly recommend, even if you’re married, supporting a single girl-friend, or preparing for a future-dating teen.” -E Murray

A Real Man. Let me introduce myself: I’m a 20 something year old single male who can totally resonate with Ruthie’s experiences in this book (one of the authors of this book). Having failed time and time again with finding the right girl for myself I have decided to try this new approach to dating and so far it’s been awesome.” -Bartik14

For bulk pricing for your group, email us at [email protected] with your address and the number of copies you’d like to order.

To download discussion questions, visit our website at

You can also place a bulk order for Christmas gifts!

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6 Responses to “Real Men Don’t Text Book Club”
  1. Elizabeth M says:

    So honored my review could help you get the word out about your book! I just love it!! I’m sure my girlfriends are tired of hearing me go on about it, but seriously, I think it’s one of the best approaches to the topic of Christian (or non-Christian) dating, and finding self-worth and healing, I’ve seen in a long time. I almost wrote Bible study questions to go along with it, but then decided to just read it and revisit that idea later. I definitely want to go through this as a group of ladies, so I’m excited to see bulk pricing. Thanks Ruthie! (and Michael!)

  2. Alexis says:

    Dear Ruthie,

    I will have to read this book! :)

    Do you still need people to write reviews about it? I would love to! :)



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