I would love to come speak at your event!

Sorority, youth group, women’s night, church, singles group-you name it, I’m there.  I recently spoke at Vanderbilt Women’s Night and was reminded how powerful just an hour of sharing life together can be. Not because I’m impressive, but because I was a hot mess, and found life when all felt dark and hopeless. I hated God, ran from God, cursed God-and He took me back. I love sharing my story and encouraging women to take off their I-have-it-all-together masks and look deep within to find strength to keep fighting. It can be exhausting to be a woman and live up to all the expectations, can’t it?

I cater each talk to fit the needs of your group, but below is a list of topics I have previously spoken on:

Am I Worth Loving? Finding the Answer to a Better Love Life

God is a Good Dad Developing a healthy perspective of God

Your Body is Not the Problem  Instilling Beauty and Hope Back Into Women

Real Women Embrace Beauty Body Image, Worth, and How to Rewrite Your Story

What Now? When Life Doesn’t Turn Out Like You Planned

Is God Punishing Me? And Other Questions Christians Are Too Afraid to Ask

Daddy Issues, Boyfriends, and Finding Yourself 

Real Men Don’t Text A New Approach to Dating

Will you talk to your church, college, group, or nonprofit about having me (or Michael and I) come and speak? I’d be overjoyed.