Dear Christians defending Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ Magazine has ruffled quite a few feathers. If it wasn’t enough that he discussed race and culture in an offensive way, he went on to compare homosexuality to bestiality. People are angry. Spit-fire comments and debates have filled up my news feeds. I’m sad seeing how the body of Christ […]

A Letter to Sexy-Instagram Posters

sexy selfie

  (This letter is in response to this controversial letter to a teenage girl from a mom who blocks sexy-posters her from her sons’ social media feeds. Dear Sexy-Instagram Poster, I see you. That feels like a good place to start. I see how you long to be beautiful, to be told you are beautiful. […]

We Will Run Again | #PrayforBoston

Boston Bombings Photo

  It’s been one heck of a week. From seeing the news of Boston all over Twitter on Monday, to checking to make sure my friends running were alive, to asking the questions we all did, and then later shuttering with the words ‘terrorism’ and ‘brothers’.  Seeing people who showed up for an iconic event […]

Fistful of Ashes | What are You Holding?


What do you love? Who do you love? For me, I love my husband more than anyone in the world. I love my family. I have some very dear friends that I love deeply. I also love to plan the future. I love writing and hope to grow this blog to 10,000 followers by January […]

Don’t Text Back [And Other Rules for Catching Mr. Right]


Real Men Don’t Text was read by over 2,000 people. Thank you to everyone who read Michael’s post last week, shared it with friends, & commented. We were both blown away by the response. I’ve been observing, thinking, & praying how to follow up. A common thread I see is the incredible frustration among single women with […]