Are you Oversharing?


Ok, if you’re rolling your eyes, I don’t blame you. This post should probably not be written by a blogger. For we are, by definition, complete oversharers. So what do I know?! I’m still an oversharer when it comes to friends (sorry, to all of you who learned more than you wanted to about me […]

Mr. Late Night & Mr. Last Minute

Image of Late Night Text

Mr. Late Night It may start innocently at first, a late rendezvous here and there, but pretty soon the only time you’re spending together is after dark. It used to be a booty call, but now it’s more frequently a “booty text”. {creative, right?} If you ever receive a text message late at night that consists […]

Mr. Promised He Would Call & Mr. Inconsistent

It's a Wonderful Life

Let’s talk about relationships, shall we? I continue to hear a wealth of stories about women cashing in their ticket for a lifetime with Mr. Right because they settle for Mr. Right Now. Heartbreaking! If you’re new here, I suggest reading Real Men Don’t Text and Real Women Don’t Text Back to gain context for […]

Real Men Don’t Text | The Lost Art of Chivalry


Real Men Don’t Text is now a book! After more than a million people read this post, we turned it into a full book of dating advice. Available from all major retailers. Click here to watch the book trailer, read a sample, or purchase your copy. Welcome! Today we are hearing from both an expert on manliness […]

Dating Mistakes: I Can Change Him

As featured on the Good Women Project. She is 42. She has 6 children. She is recently divorced. “What happened?” I asked. Because seriously, how do you go from “Let’s have ½ a dozen kids together” to “I hate your guts and want out”? “Well…” she paused, “I married him under the classic assumption that […]

The Good Women Project | Dating Mistakes: I Can Change Him

If you’re visiting from the Good Women Project-welcome to I’m honored {truly} you’re here. My tagline-a dose of truth. a choice for joy. life abundant.-summarizes the experience and community I wish to create through my writing. If you like what you find here, please subscribe by entering your email on the right.  For all my usual […]