thoughts on hope & Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

This is not at all how I would have written my story. I sat in the corner of a crowded restaurant, staring out the window. My heart stung from disappointment. I wanted something. I had a plan for my life. But it wasn’t working out. Months of hope that something would change was now coupled […]

We Will Run Again | #PrayforBoston

Boston Bombings Photo

  It’s been one heck of a week. From seeing the news of Boston all over Twitter on Monday, to checking to make sure my friends running were alive, to asking the questions we all did, and then later shuttering with the words ‘terrorism’ and ‘brothers’.  Seeing people who showed up for an iconic event […]

Red Light Outreach | Bringing Hope to Chinese Prostitutes

Today’s post is by Shannon Wilson, a co-founder of The Red Light Outreach—a ministry in a major Chinese city to women trapped in prostitution.  I met Shannon when I lived in China and I am good friends with many of the women involved. Today, Shannon shares her story of her first encounter with the rampant […]

Two Choices: A Life With and A Life Without Hope

“Why are you still a Christian after so many bad things have happened to you?” a friend recently asked me. I spent a long time pondering her question. I think our culture has latched on to the “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” message of Christianity and has forgotten that […]

Hope in Heaven is For Real

On Saturday night, I went with some friends to Arrington Vineyards — tasted some incredible wine — and met a girl named Lauren. She asked me what I did in Nashville and loving every opportunity to brag about my company {Thomas Nelson}, I started my usual speech, “I work for Thomas Nelson – a book publishing […]