“Running Bear” | An Addition to Our Family

Today’s post is from my husband, Michael. The Dean Family has adopted a proud new member! Michael’s dream truck (1974 F350) came on the market and after we heard the back story-we knew it was meant to be. It’s loud, hard to park, & gas guzzling-everything an old truck should be. But it gives us […]

The Story of Christmas | Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Christmas is upon us. On Monday, I drew your attention to the innkeeper in the story of Jesus. In the midst of busyness and responsibility, he lost a prominent role in the story of Jesus. Today, I want to highlight the common denominator between the players in the Christmas story. The Savior of the World—one who would rise […]

Did I screw up God’s plans for me?

 Did Mr. Right pass me by? Do my past sins exclude me from God’s best? I have several friends and acquaintances in their late twenties or early thirties who are asking these questions. Many of whom have just broken off relationships with the wrong guy, because they are following God and waiting for the right guy. […]