I’ll See You Again | A Salvation Story


When I first met her in China, she was quietly studying on a bench at the local college campus. Her dark skin glistened even in the shade of the tree. As I walked over to her, I found myself wondering if she stepped off the pages of National Geographic. Occasionally, people come into our lives […]

A Broken Engagement and a God Who Changes Hearts

  Today’s post gave me chills. How good our God is who never gives up on us and relentlessly pursues our hearts! Felicia is our guest writer for today. She is currently pursuing a PhD in cancer research. Her story reminds me that we can never change mens hearts, only He can. God is always faithful […]

Good People Don’t Go to Heaven

Image of landscape painting

  The wind circled the small coffee shop, rustling the leafless trees. “I’m a good person. I go to church pretty often. . .and even give up my weekends to volunteer,” she dropped the comment in mid-conversation. I gazed at my new friend, confused how we went from our favorite restaurants in Atlanta to that […]

The Real Message of Christianity {and why it’s different from other religions}

On the afternoon of August 5, 2010 something significant happened. 33 men went to work as usual, but didn’t go home for 69 days. The media deemed the men “The 33″ as they were trapped 700 meters (2,300ft) underground in the San José copper–gold mine. The Chilean mining accident gained the attention of the world, as the mixed […]