Welcome to RuthieDean.com, where you can expect to find a dose of truth, a choice for joy, and life abundant. Thank you for joining me. I am honored you are here.

From the time I was young, friends and family members have encouraged me to use my writing skills and love for storytelling to bring this journey we are all a part of to life through the written word.  I have slept next to chickens in China, talked with prostitutes in Thailand, eaten ice cream with homeless children in Cambodia, once demanded a waitress in China bring me “wei-sheng-jin” (menstrual pads) instead of “can-jin-zhi” (napkins), recently landed my dream job in a publishing house, and on June 4, 2011 married the love of my life. One day, I will write a book. But for now – a blog!

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Ruthie I absolutely LOVE your blog. I even hve some people in the office reading it after I told them how great it is. Miss you and hope everything is great!!