Will you take 30 seconds to help me improve my blog?

RuthieDean.com is undergoing some changes and I need your help! Will you take 30 seconds and answer the questions below? I truly value your feedback and want to provide every reader with the best experience. (Please make sure you click “vote” after each question.)

I am considering changing my tagline.

Also, I will be adding ads to the sidebar and want to know what ads would best serve my readers.

I would like to know how you found my blog.

Finally, if you have any suggestions about how to improve RuthieDean.com or topics you’d like to see covered, please leave a comment below! Constructive criticism is always welcome.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Valentine’s post.

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15 Responses to “Will you take 30 seconds to help me improve my blog?”
  1. Tatuu says:

    Can’t wait for your Valentine’s post. I’m anticipating something real interesting! Bless you and keep writing.

  2. Christy says:

    Love your blog. I always stop and look at the pictures of the shoes -which makes me smile every time! Your words are rich -keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i hope you don’t change too much…love your blog and posts

  4. Sarah says:

    Ruthie, I love your blog and I look forward to every post! I have passed it on to many friends because you have such a way with words that explain the truth and encourage change when needed. Keep it coming! Many blessings to you!

  5. Love your blog, love the little stories you tell…..love to read the comments .

  6. Ally says:

    I love your blog! I work with a youth group, and your honesty in your stories has truly encouraged me to be more open and real with the girls. I’ve only been following you for a few weeks, but some of your posts that I’ve passed along to the girls have opened up doors for us to discuss issues I feel otherwise might have been overlooked or “too embarrassing” to talk about. Thanks!!

    • Ruthie Dean says:

      Thanks, Ally! So glad my posts have aided you in ministry to your girls. Any specific topics I haven’t covered that you would be helpful?

      • Ally says:

        Thanks for asking! One of the things that the girls and I have talked about that has spun off of the” real men don’t text/real women don’t text back” posts was how to encourage womanhood among girls and chivalry among the boys outside of a dating relationship. I know several of the girls are discouraged with the lack of chivalry our boys show, and while there is a lot of growing up both the girls and guys need to do, it is an interesting question.
        Thanks again!

  7. Cindy says:

    I love reading your blogs Ruthie …. I always walk away with food for thought and joy in my heart knowing it’s you behind those words of inspiration . Love you honey . Thank you !

  8. Is this an old email? It’s dated 3/1, but I think I already ans. questions re: your blog…..did I ?

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