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Let’s have some fun! Dating is hard, especially when you throw ambiguous texts into the mix. I was on the radio the other day and the host said she was asked out over Words with Friends and had no idea what to say. So funny! Another girl told me she tried to text her friend after a first date to tell her she liked the guy but he wasn’t a great kisser-and she sent it to the guy instead. Disaster! Another girl wrote us and said she received a “Good morning, beautiful” text from a guy . . . but it was a group text to four different numbers.

Michael & I have heard some pretty funny texting stories and we want to incentivize you to help spread the word about Real Men Don’t Text. We could really use your help.

We are giving away a daily gift card (Starbucks, Sweet Cece’s, Amazon, iTunes, and more) to our favorite #worsttextever. All you have to do is repost this picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest (or all four!) and share your #worsttextever story below. Winners will be announced each evening AND you can play everyday.

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What is your #worsttextever? Make a list and share a new one daily for a better chance of winning.

P.S. Today’s gift card is $20 to Starbucks. Ready…go!


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4 Responses to “#worsttextever”
  1. Rachel says:

    I was at the library when a nice, shy looking man approached me and asked me if I’d like to have coffee. After finding out a little about him, I offered him my number and we set up a date. The date was great, but I had a strange gut feeling that I couldn’t shake. When I got home, I thought to google search his phone number – it turned out that a woman’s name was popping up alongside his name and phone number! It started to appear that this man was married already.

    The next day, he sent me numerous text messages with compliments, asking how my day was. I had no idea what to do, so finally texted him, “Are you married?”

    He didn’t respond that day, but the next day he texted back, “I was going to bring that up. Why?”

    …Needless to say, he never heard back from me after that!

  2. Michael Dean says:

    Oh man! Are you serious! That is insane, but sadly doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve once had a guy, after spending a bit of time together he sent me this-
    “I would date you if I was looking for a girlfriend, but I’m not. But if you want something short term let me know”

    Props for being honest haha!

  4. Robert 007 says:

    I had been dating a wonderful women and after a few dates and cups of coffee… yada, yada… We decided to break up. I had not talked to her in three months and had started an online relationship with someone. … Long story… short…. I sent the new women a text to wish her a “blessed day,” I did not realize I had sent it to the person I had stopped seeing because they had the same names. That might not sound to bad of a txt but she took offense to it and asked why I had sent it… Being quick on my feet and after saying a prayer for help on what to do, I was red in the face and said I was wishing you a blessed day is all and did not mean to offend you… ;-) I removed her from my contact list after that.

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